Who we are

Located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, HEAR Corp provides unique solutions for a wide range of events in the entertainment, fine arts, broadcast and corporate A/V industry. We employ specialists from a variety of disciplines, and specialize in providing horizontal integration of entertainment technologies.

Starting from a strong background in sound reinforcement and studio recording, we have grown to provide complete design and production services including lighting, rigging, staging, video production, projection and broadcast.

With HEAR Corp you gain access to modern industry-standard equipment and techniques, operated by professional personnel, with competitive pricing.

If you're producing your own event, we have solutions for you as well. Our rental inventory is extensive,  including 24/7 tech support beyond normal business hours. Bottom line, if you have a problem, we'll send someone out to help.

HEAR Corp has experience operating in every major venue in southwestern Pennsylvania. You can be assured that HEAR Corp will be able to find the right solution, no matter what venue you choose to have your event. Whether you're producing a large convention, an outdoor concert or a cultural exhibition, we have solutions for you.