Video Production

HEAR Corp has put great effort into meeting our clients' fastest growing demand:

Content Generation.

Whether it's a concert, play, dance show, or corporate event, we are equipped to shoot, broadcast, and distribute absolutely any kind of content you have in mind.

Our video team comes with an artistic mentality drawn from a diverse background, including live entertainment, corporate sales, event photography, and modern dance. Beyond our in-house staff, we are networked to bring in specialists from film and television who can ensure that we are always ready to go live.

Our video rig is comprehensive, bringing the switching and capture power of BlackMagic Designs with the ATEM M/E 1 4K, Hyperdeck Studio Pro 4K, and Studio Videohub. These tools, coupled with the ability to iso-record up to eight HD cameras, enable us to produce and edit your event live, limiting costly post-production. We let you choose how and where to send your signal during the show, whether it's going live to the internet or to every single room of a convention center.