The Mobile Unit

The newest addition to our fleet, the former Record Plant Remote Purple truck is again ready for business. Chances are your favorite live album was recorded by this amazing mobile unit. Bela Fleck, Shawn Colvin, Springsteen, the Stones, Billy Joel, Mellencamp, Mariah Carey, Metallica, Woodstock 99, the list goes on and on.

Now, It's part of HEAR Corp.  We've improved upon the capabilities of the original design, and created a new breed of rolling production studio.

The classic analog sound has been retained with the installation of a 72 fader Euphonix CS2000 with full recall.  We've installed aslew of vintage outboard, and 48 channels of Nyquist IZ RADAR hard disk recorders. A 48 I/O ProTools HD system is also available.

On the video bench, we've added a full compliment of 1080 HD equipment based around Black Magic Design hardware, including the ATEM 1 M/E 4K Switcher and control panel, a 16 x 32 SDI router, Hyperdeck Studio Pro Capture system, eight Atomos iso recorders and streaming hardware for internet broadcast.

The onboard 18KW generator allows us to power an entire concert stage with no shore power.

The addition of video creates new opportunities for our clients. For musicians and event planners, the ability to produce DVD's, live albums, and to bring their show to a live internet audience yields vast marketing potential. For television producers, the HEAR Corp mobile unit can provide a lower cost option for covering events, and delivering content, without sacrificing quality. 

The capabilities of a modern mobile unit, with the cool factor of an industry legend, all for an affordable price.

Meet the HEAR Corp Remote                                                                             

Meet the HEAR Corp Remote                                                                             

HEAR Corp Remote Ground Plan